Cool comfort technology

Cool FIT is a Dual Hydro cool technology which maintains the garment to dissipate redundant heat and moisture from the body and to instantly reduce the body temperature, thus providing an instant cool sensation. The technology creates a long-lasting thermal balance to keep the body in its comfort zone around 96.7F.

How It Works

The Dual hydro cool technology forms a hydro gel formation, so that optimum moisture is maintained on the skin at all times. The polymer function to absorb sweat quickly and dry faster. Thus providing a sensation of thermal comfort.

• Instant cool sensation due to Excess heat and Moisture leaves the body easily and quickly.
• Smart heat exchange resulting in a longer lasting, healthier and more comfortable wear.
• Ideally suitable for sports wears.
• Good Softness is guaranteed .
• High Breathability .
• Long Wash-durable
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