Dual comfort technology

HYDROTEX is a Dual comfort technology which optimises dual functions by hydrophobic/hydrophilic effects on one single fabric. Thus withstanding the rain shower outside while maintaining the moisture absorbency inside , thus providing a sensation of Thermal comfort.

How It Works

The Dual hydro cool technology forms a Hydrophobic coating on the outside with a fluorine free BIOGUARD product, and inside with Hydrophilic finish. The Hydrophillic polymer function to absorb sweat quickly and dry faster.

• Instant cool sensation due to Excess heat and Moisture leaves the body easily and quickly.
• Smart heat exchange resulting in a longer lasting, healthier and more comfortable wear.
• Ideally suitable for sports wears.
• Good Softness is guaranteed .
• High Breathability .
• Long Wash-durable
• Witstands light rain shower.
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