The Leading Silver Ion Technology

SILVER EX the element silver into a silver microparticle compound which has been embedded into the textiles substrates. The micro structured SILVEREX causes removal of microorganism like bacteria and fungi , preventing them from colonising on textile surface . Silver EX is the major brand for functional Hygiene and Freshness finish . The effect of silver as an effective bacteriostatic agent is today in a variety of areas, eg. creams used for cosmetic and medical purposes. From silver-containing wound dressings to silver-coated overalls that are used to treat atopic dermatitis, silver is today an indispensable part of modern medical

How It Works

The microstructured Silver ions has a superficial extent of ca 600,000 cm². Already 1 ppb of mobile silver ions can inhibit bacterial growth significantly. Hence silver ions in SILVER EX are more efficient .

• Prevents odour formation
• Eliminates all types of microorganisms (bacteria, algae, fungi)
• Permanent & high wash-durability: functionality remains for the product lifetime
• Non-migrating.
• Confidently safety.
• Good compatibility with other functional finishes
• Multiple application methods
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