Breathable coating technology

POWER VENT is a new generation of Ecological Polyurethane coating technology which gives sufficient water vapour permeability. Power vent coating enhances the performance of other functional coating Giving your brand more value ecologically.

How It Works

The hydrophilic segments incorporated in Power VENT products ensure excellent water vapour permeability. Once sweating, a higher humidity in the jacket , thus, a higher water vapour concentration arises. These differences in concentration ensure that water molecules are transported along the polymer chain to the outside due to the hydrophilic segments incorporated.
The higher the difference in concentration, the better the function of this principle. But if it is cold and you don’t sweat, less heat gets lost. This is important for clothes (sportswear, outdoor, shoes etc.), but also for technical textiles (tents, sleeping bags, etc.).

• Ideally suitable for military wear, outerwer.
• Ideally suitable for sports wears.
• high water vapour permeability - up to 20.000 g/m2/24h depending on process and application quantity
• „breathable“
• windproof
• high resistance to water pressure
• very high resistance to washing
• halogen-free, free of NMP
• excellent film formation properties, i.e. closed film surface
• soft coating depending on application quantity
• high resistance to hydrolysis
• recyclable
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