Sensorial management technology

SCENTAL is a unique and wide range of fragrances that are integrated in the fabric and released gradually over time. The fragrances are divided in three categories: sleep promoting & relaxing – region specific – classics.

How It Works

Fragrances are encapsulated in a reactive microcapsule, which on breaking (due to friction between the body and the fabric), opens the capsule and releases the fragrance. A treated fabric contains more than a million microcapsules and guarantees a long-lasting effect and a gradual release over time. The reactive capsules system enables high wash performance to be achieved without the requirement to use any binders.

• Unique and wide range of sophisticated fragrances
• Three categories: sleep promoting & relaxing – region specific – classics
• Adds a new dimension to textiles
• Opportunity to create brand signatures
• Gradual release over time – long-lasting
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